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The New Jon Olsson-Inspired, Limited-Edition Camo Line From Douchebags Is Here

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The RS6 pre logos imagined by @aaltomotive Thanks for the rendering, looks amazing! ???❤️ #RS6DTM #RIP

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Had the most amazing sunset session here in Kläppen today! ???? @odlo #kimbosessions

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Jon Olsson with his new camouflaged Douchebags collection.

Olsson and his team have worked tirelessly to bring this limited-edition line to life, which features four of the brand’s top-notch bags touting the signature camo design. More specifically, the line includes The Douchebag (ski bag), The Big Bastard 90L (huge roller bag), The Hugger 30L (midsize backpack) and The Base 15L (smaller backpack).

“I do love how camo can give a product a totally unique look,” says Olsson, thrilled with the outcome of the line. “I think that there are so many bags out there that look the same and don’t tell me anything, so that’s why I like these. You can be sure that no one out there will mistake your bag for theirs… Especially at the airport!”

Hans Gunleiksrud, Douchebag’s general manager of North America, adds that this release is an example of where the brand is going—not following the typical product schedule many competitors go by.

“In general, the sporting goods industry—and snow sports in particular—are doing new product launches once or twice a year; one for fall/winter and one for spring/summer. We think that is not consumer-friendly, and this project is, in many ways, the start of a new era for Douchebags. We will bring to market on a continuous basis new products, styles and colors throughout the entire year. We do believe everybody likes to see new updates and news all the time and not just once or twice a year.”

                                                    Jon entering his camo Rolls Royce with his camo Douchebags.


                                                                      Camo The Douchbag roller ski bag.


                                                                   The Big Bastard 90L, camo-style.

                                                                           The Hugger 30L… in camo.


                                                                                          The Base 15L.


Browse the entire collection at Douchebags.com.



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