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Skate or die

Jesse Boudreau’s “PURPLE GOLD” Part Will Melt Your Brain

One NBD after another, Jesse makes a massive wake as he conquers terrain from state to state. Come for the deadly AZ ditch rides, stay for the pscyho ender.

DC Shoes’ “#WESKREMER” Part

No better way to kick off 4/20 than with Wes getting down to Del. The good hemmies Evan Smith, T-Funk, Alexis Ramirez and The Gov get in the mix, too. Get your wake and skate on....

STYLE: Vans Unleash The ‘90s-Styled Rowan Zorilla Pro Skate Shoe

Rowan Zorilla is a skateboarding renaissance man, with a knack for mixing old-school form with modern-day maneuvers. Now, Vans is acknowledging his unique skill set with a new Rowan Pro silhouette. Simultaneously contemporary and classic, Zorilla’s first-ever...

Brian Peacock Adidas Shen City Peaks

Set in the streets of Shanghai Adidas skateboarding has released its latest video, “Shen City Peaks”, as an introduction for their latest addition to the team Brian Peacock.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p2fDw51Kx0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p2fDw51Kx0

Captain Dislocate, Weed, and the Many Facets of David Gravette

Hop in and take a ride around Portland with David Gravette as he shares what's on his mind. Everything from weed, his battles, and wins with Captain Dislocate, and the many facets of Dave... Buckle up!...

Watch Mason Silva WAR and PEACE Edit

Mason is part calculated skate-scientist and part psycho-barbarian! Here are outtakes, battles and unseen footage from one of the gnarliest parts ever. That opening lipslide!

Jamie Foy’s “Field” Part Will Rock Your Socks Off!!

Thrashers 2017 SOTY has held down his post with dignity and grace, but before he passes on that baton, he has a lil something for you.

Building NYC’s Notorious DIY Spots with Jerry Mraz

Whether you know it or not, you have probably seen or skated a spot built by Jerry Mraz. Over the last decade, Jerry has been creating skatespots throughout the 5 boroughs, pouring concrete in the middle of the night...


This new film from the mind and body of Jim Greco is more than just tricks, it’s a glimpse into the soul of one of skateboarding's greatest ambassadors. Enjoy the trip...


Everything Ryan does is packed with pop and power. This is a grown man’s video part! RESPECT.
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Master P & Snoop Dogg GIVES THE REAL On Suge Knight, Nip, Lil Wayne New Orleans GOAT, Soulja Slim

Master P & Snoop Dogg GIVES THE REAL On Suge Knight, Nip, Lil Wayne New Orleans GOAT,...
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A Message From Pro Skater Tyshawn Jones

2018 Skater of the Year, Tyshawn Jones, shares his voice.

What Professional Fortnite Looks Like for Women

In the world of eSports, women gamers are still very much in...

We Take Out Plastic Free Beach Stencils To Streets...

We recently took our plastic-free message to a few illegal rubbish dumping...
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