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SPOT CHECK: San Clemente A Look Inside The Most Talented Surf Town In America

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We are really stoked to finally announce our newest collaboration.@ballinonabudgetmedia X @710at420au collaboration series 📸 By @thecrazeco

San Clemente isn’t all Lowers and …Lost surfboards. (OK, so maybe it kinda is.) The latest episode of “Wish You Were Here” takes us inside the most talented surf town in America, and the factory where most of its most successful surfers’ crafts are made. From The Gudauskas brothers, to Kolohe Andino, to Griffin Colapinto, to Jett Schilling, their one common denominator, aside from being San Clemente locals, is a long-standing relationship with both Lower Trestles and Matt Biolos. It’s the combination that’s (literally) shaped their careers. “Matt likes to invest in the future of surfing, via the groms,” says Nate Yeomans, during a tour of the …Lost factory in the clip above. “You can paddle out in the lineups around here and there’s kids throwing tail, flipping out, and doing huge airs all over the place, and I’d say 98 percent of them are on Mayhems.” This 10-minute piece, shot mostly at Trestles, but with a sprinkle of the surrounding beachbreaks, is a reminder why San Clemente just might be the best beach town in California to be a surfer.

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