Hunting for Mushrooms With Pro Skater Ryan Reyes

DISCLAIMER / A NOTE FROM RYAN: “DO NOT PICK WILD MUSHROOMS FOR CONSUMPTION UNLESS YOU’RE 100% SURE OF WHAT IT IS. MISTAKING A POISONOUS MUSHROOM FOR AN EDIBLE ONE CAN LEAD TO SICKNESS OR EVEN DEATH. Psychedelic Mushrooms are to be respected. They are NOT a “party drug”, they are a Medicine for your mind. There are real possibilities of psychological damage when misused. Always be in the safest place possible, always have an experienced guide present and always approach with love” – Ryan

Filmed & edited by: Cody Long
Special thanks to Ryan Reyes

Ryan Reyes is known for his unique and fun skating, like riding handrails sideways, and if you saw his last video part “The Ditch Dimension” you might be wondering why it was edited with so many psychedelic effects and mushroom clips. It turns out he’s got really into gathering mushrooms, modern day hippie style. He even makes music about his psychedelic healing process.