The Dock 2.0: Surfing With Chippa Wilson, Eithan Osborne, Noa Deane and Dion Agius

In April, we shipped 160 cubes courtesy of Candock Modular Floating Systems, weighing two tons down to Oaxaca, Mexico for our second attempt at a paddle-less entry, or what is now known as The Dock. For The Dock 2.0, our goal was to anchor the platform in semi-terrific surf, the ultimate shot being a split peak, with surfers to stepping off promptly into a tube. This shot never happened, but the stars of The Dock 2.0 did find solace in the offshore cylinders of Mainland Mex, putting on a display of cuts, bruises and high-fidelity surfing along the way. This is an exercise into the different ways one can ride a wave – a quite dangerous one at that. The power behind a three foot wave can be terrifying. The Dock 2.0 is presented by Monster Energy Surfers: Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius, Eithan Osborne and Noa Deane Directed, filmed and edited by Michael Cukr Produced by Stab Magazine Additional Footage by Nate Leal Drone footage by James Lugo