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Samurai-Inspired Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Concept Highlights Japanese Design

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Japan’s approach to design may seem outdated to some, but its traditions of course run rich and are often times unmatched. Such is the case with this particular motorcycle concept by Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko.

The motorbike project is in turn meant to highlight the Japanese design process, which begins with the art of origami, or paper folding.

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It is truly amazing to see what can come from such “simplistic” origins as merely folding paper, but the progress by Smirnov and Panchenko is undoubtedly next level.

From the designer:

“Course “paper plastic” was in my university. Where it was necessary from a sheet of paper to create the object. Without the help of glue, but a clean sheet and a knife. I did not like this course, because it was difficult to provide a method of folding in the head. Only now I understand that I would like to say too much in a single object and tried to make a super complex shape. After all, the real problem is to say all in one line.”

Scan through the gallery above to check out Smirnov and Panchenko’s otherworldly motorcycle concept.

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