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#Pillman & #Superbong Bring Free Diffraction Glasses To Hardstyle Festival Defqon 1 Sydney

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What’s better than cool stuff? Cool FREE stuff!

We at Ballin’ On A Budget recently  joined forces with NSW Criminal Lawyers and The Craze™ Co to introduce you to a revolutionary visual experience of light diffraction. With its exciting effects, it’s taking the nation by storm.

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But what is diffraction really? Diffraction is defined as the process by which a beam of light waves is spread out as a result of passing through a narrow aperture or across an edge or “grating”. As the light passes through this grating, each beam of light is split into its individual spectrum of colors turning white light into a full rainbow spectrum. This is the main principle behind what gives diffraction glasses their awesome visual sensation.




#Pillman & #Superbong bring free diffraction glasses to hardstyle festival Defqon 1 on the 17th September 2016 at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith.
 diffractionglasses1 diffractionglasses2 diffractionglasses3 diffractionglasses4
def-6 def-8 def-10 def-13 def-14 def-15 def-16 def-17 def-18 def-19
Video by Riley JM
Audio by Nhostic





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