Photo by: Bardtphoto

Interviewed by Katarzyna Aurora Sprengel

Photo by: Bardtphoto

Someday, suddenly, photos of the impressively diverse Pippa Doll literally started to seep out across the Internet. Instantly, both photographers and models got jealous. I am not quite sure what she does not do or does not offer, but one thing is certain – no one ever has had enough of Pippa’s work. The moment you see a new photo, you already crave the next!
She is known especially for her athletic nudes, fashion and genuine portraits. Blessed with a marvellously chiselled face, which allows her to pull off the androgynous as well as the Oh-look-I’m-so-sweet-and-innocent look, Pippa casts a spell with her mystery-veiled eyes. She is a pro at blending the enigmatic with edgy, the elegant with the cool, the classic with the inventive. You can spot her travelling across the UK on a train and entertaining her fans with broadcasts that uncover her comedic skills (I recall her recent appearance in a lift in Scotland, a damsel in distress clad in a bunny-robe suffering from the inability to stop posing).
Pippa also has a penchant for photography and a slight obsession with unicorns. It’s peculiar to see how someone can make an obsession cute.
What I personally really like about Pippa is that she couldn’t care less about upholding or cultivating some pompous image on social media. She rather “normalizes normality” by staying true to herself and showing the beauty of authenticity. Pippa, we are all falling for it.

1. Hey Pippa! Hope you’re well today. We’ve been watching you for a while now In your recent post on FB you said “Did you know my name was inspired by the ‘Pippa Dolls’ – a fashion doll from the 70s”. How did that happen?

My name actually is Pippa, and instead of having a modelling alias I decided to keep my actual name – Pippa as it’s unique and I like it! The ‘Doll’ part was inspired from the actual Pippa Dolls of the 70’s which my mum used to collect when she was little. I love the 60s and 70s era so felt the name suited well!

2. When did you decide you want to do full-time modelling ? Who (or what) would you say is your bigger influence in making this decision?

I actually never intended in ever going full time. I was working as a teaching assistant and lost my job due to them finding about nude modelling! So jobless, I took on modelling full time and one year later, I’m happier than ever!

Photo by: Vic Kumar

3. What’s your favourite genre of modelling?

I enjoy edgy fashion nude and athletic nude the most.

4. We think it’s positively honest and laudable you openly talk about your panic attacks and any other problems. It makes you appear much more real, approachable and likeable. How much does modelling and admin contribute to this kind of stress?

I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for a long time, even before I was modelling. As a high goal setter, there is always the fear that you are ‘not good enough’, it can be a very tough industry for anyone. But that being said, I feel like actually modelling is like therapy for me, it’s a form of creative expression and acting and my anxiety generally goes away!

5. What are some photographers you would love to shoot with?

Thomas Holm from Denmark & Andre Brito from Portugal – two very accomplished art nude photographer who’s work always blows me away!
Oh, and Terry Richardson for his cool, edgy but simple style.

6. What are the biggest challenges you would say you face as a full time freelance model?

One of the biggest challenges I would say is keeping a balance in life. It can be so easy to get carried away and almost to the point of obsessed with booking in loads and loads of shoots, and then overworking yourself to the point of burnout because you haven’t given yourself a chance to have a proper day off.
Recently I’ve come to realise balance is key, and if I’m going to offer my absolute best to people, I also need rest days. It’s sort of like being an athlete!

Photo by: Simon Morton

7. Via which page/social media do you usually get approached most by photographers and take bookings?

Purpleport is 90% of my bookings although recently I’ve had some booking of people on Facebook and Instagram

8. How often do you travel? What were your favourite places you’ve visited so far and where else would you like to venture? Australia perhaps?

I travel a fair bit, mainly around the U.K this year but next year I’m hoping to go to more European destinations & potentially Australia too, haha!

9. What qualities do you think photographers like you for the most? Both physical and personal.

Personality wise, I’m fun to work with, like to have a laugh!
Physically I’m very athletic and toned & have been told I have a ‘fashion face’ so can offer a broad variety of styles.

10. What are some of the models (dead or alive) you look up to and get inspiration from?

Kate Moss – for obvious reasons…
I also love Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.
And for athleticism – my good friend Ayla Rose

Photo by: Anjelica Hyde

11. As you say, you are also an Athletic Nude Model. How do you manage to stay fit and keep fatigue at bay?

Just modelling! Posing requires a lot of core strength, and when your standing on tip toes all day your legs will get very toned!

12. What’s the secret of your excellent posing?

I’m a huge fan of moodboards and like to save images I find inspirational and put my own twist on them. Muscle memory is also super important, everything is down to experience the more you do it, the more you will get into good habits!

13. What else apart from modelling do you spend a lot of time on?

I really enjoy reading psychology books and watching interesting documentaries. I have also recently started up photography myself.

14. If we were in a bar now, what would you be drinking?

Rum and coke. Preferably Morgans Spiced!

15. What do you eventually plan to achieve with your modelling career?

I want to travel as many places as possible and become an inspiration to many.

Photo by: Nick Halling

If you have somehow missed out on seeing Pippa’s work, you must make up for your sins now! Below is the link to Pippa’s Instagram:
Pippa Doll on Instagram

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