PROFESSION: Professional freeskier


Sponsors: Volkl, Dakine, Oakley and GoPro.

Instagram: @jeremypancras


B.O.B: Hey Jeremy, how’s life?

J: Life is good, we’ve got some early unexpected snowfalls in France so we’ve been filming a lot lately, can’t ask for more!


B.O.B: What are your plans for the rest of the season?

J: Filming street in Quebec, Powder in Japan, Backcountry in France, park in Europe and having the most fun possible.

B.O.B: Can you tell us about where you grew up and how you got into freeskiing?

J: I was born and raised in Annecy (France) closed to La Clusaz where I started freesking. Candide Thovex was always skiing around and that gave us the motivation to try what he did, thank god this guy was out there showing us the way!


B.O.B: What was the scene like at your local resort when you were growing up?

J: We started to ski backcountry jumps and natural terrain for about 4 years before we started the park and that made us better skiers than actual freestylers. We had a crew of 5/6 skiers from who were all around the same age and level called the Pop Crew.

We were just trying to ski as hard and often as possible. Most of those guys ended up doing pretty well such as Joffrey Pollet Villard probably one of the most stylish pipe skiers in the game.

B.O.B: Who in your mind is killing the freeski game ATM?

J:  Joona Kangas, Anti Ollila, Khai Khrepela, Melissa Coursol, Joss Christensen, Magnus Graner, Keegan Kilbride, Kai Mahler, Par Haglund, Fabian Bosch… Every one of them is doing big things in their own style and way of skiing (competition-wise or filming-wise) so I couldn’t pick one more than another… I think of all the an up and comers Jake Carney is the man.


 B.O.B: Do you have any intentions to get more into freeriding?

J: Sure, I’m not really into steep sketchy scary dangerous stuff, but I am definitely into fun trickable backcountry / freeriding yes 🙂


The mount – Jeremy Pancras from Jeremy Pancras on Vimeo.


B.O.B: Would you ever do a freeride comp?

J: I don’t think so, but who knows what the future will hold.


B.O.B: Big step down in the backcountry what’s your go-to 1st trick?

J: Switch cork 5 is the easiest one to land I guess.


B.O.B: Will we ever see you doing triples?

J: Future will say it, why not?


Niseko Bound – Jeremy Pancras from Jeremy Pancras on Vimeo.


B.O.B: If we are at the bar and it’s our round what are you drinking?

J: Wine-mate, I’m French 😉


 B.O.B: If the impending zombie apocalypse was Tomoz what would be your zombie killing weapon of choice?

J: I’ve been studying every kind possibility as a big fan of Walking Dead and I’ll surprise you but the best way to kill those fuckers is a good ol’ tractor so you can roll on them even if there are hundreds of them. Full on zombie roller!


Engelberg Bound – Jeremy Pancras from Jeremy Pancras on Vimeo.

B.O.B: Where do you aim to take your skiing in the next 3 to 5 years?

J: As far and appreciable as possible. It is not anymore about where I’ll take my skiing but more where my skiing is going to bring, that’s a much more interesting question and I’m excited to know what I will have done by this time coming.


B.O.B: Where do you see freeskiing going in the next 5 to 10 years? 

J: I feel like a big separation will develop between competition skiing and actual freeskiing, although freesking, in general, is going in a good direction.


B.O.B: Is Candide still the best skier in the world in your opinion?

J: Hell yeah!


B.O.B:  What’s your favorite ski resort in the world?

J: La Clusaz for sure.


B.O.B:  Favourite all-time trick?

J: Dub 10 safety, can’t beat that feeling you get in between the 2 flips.


Pipe Ground Bound – Jeremy Pancras from Jeremy Pancras on Vimeo.

Laax Bound – Jeremy Pancras from Maxime Ramoul on Vimeo.

The Mount 3 – Jeremy Pancras from Jeremy Pancras on Vimeo.