Ballin’ On A Budget Talks To Polish Super Model Patrycja Walczak About Japan, Shooting For Vogue And Cooking

Interviewed by Katarzyna Sprengel

B.O.B: How did you start your modelling career? Whose idea was it?

PW: When I was 13, one of the photographers from Mango Models agency in Poland spotted me shopping with my friend and he asked me if I ever thought about being a model. I was sooo scared, but my mum checked the agency on the internet and we decided to go for a meeting with the owner. After a week, we’ve signed a contract for 5 years.


B.O.B: What was the best/weirdest/craziest shoot you ever did?

PW: The weirdest shoots I had took place in Japan as they have a totally different culture. The clothing, all the crazy makeup and wigs! I was there 6 times for 2 months and after that I think nothing can surprise me!

The best shoots happen every time I’m meeting amazing people! Of course, shooting for Spanish Vogue or the covers for Harper’s Bazaar were very important for me, but I’m giving my best no matter what brand it is.

The craziest shoots are always outside the studio because you never know if it will rain or not. We have to ‘play with the weather’ and be prepared for everything.

B,O.B: What are your plans for the nearest future? What are your goals? Do you plan to continue modelling?

PW: I don’t have strict plans, but I know I will travel a lot now as I’ve finished my university (I was studying criminology) and I have a lot of time to spend for modelling.


B.O.B: You’ve been on the cover of the Mirror magazine – how was that like?

PW: The cover of the Mirror magazine was done in 15 minutes because I had to run for another job appointment that day. It was crazy. I hate to be late so we did it as fast as possible. Luckily, the photographer was really good, so it was easy work.

B.O.B: You’ve recently been to Greece. How was shooting there for Yazz like? It seems like you have worked together quite a lot!

PW: I love Greece, but it’s probably because of the people I’ve met there! It was really hot, yet still amazing. A lot of work and castings. Yazz was actually this second job after the Mirror cover and it was all done in only one, but very long day! It was an amazing crew and the pictures turned out to be great!


B.O.B: You did a shoot for Vogue in 2011. You are a very sensual lady. Tell us about this experience and how did you manage to get such an opportunity.

PW: The pictures were taken by the amazing photographer Rafa Gallar. It was an amazing experience. I think it was a special and new kind of shoot for me. In the pictures you can only see me with accessories (like a bag, shoes or jewelry). At first I was really shy, but when we started there were no people around apart from the makeup artist and the photographer, so it was pretty easy to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. And it wasn’t the only time I worked for Vogue!

B.O.B: How often do you get to travel for work? What was the best place you’ve been to?

PW: It depends how much time I have to travel. You can find modelling everywhere – all you need is to have time and be in the good shape! It’s easier when you are a full-time model since you typically have a small bag, which is always packed in case you get a call from the agency telling you that you have to go somewhere tomorrow or even on the same day!

I loved my trip to Portugal. I felt such good and positive vibes there! I can’t wait to come back there.


Can you please tell us about your cooperation with some most notable clothing brands or magazines?

PW: I was working for a lot of brands like L’Oréal, Shiseido, Casio, Braun and Pepe Jeans. I did magazine covers for Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, (the Japanese, Greek and Polish) Cosmopolitan, L’officiel, Vogue and a lot, lot more, but that’s just a beginning :))


Do you follow any diet? What’s your favourite snack and food?

PW: I don’t have any special diet. I just know my body and I know what I can eat and what makes me gain weight. I’m doing some exercises to keep my body fit and healthy. I love to eat and cook, so it’s hard to think of my favourite food…but my favourite snack… is sour jelly!


What’s your favourite drink?

PW: My favourite drink is coffee, gin & tonic, or just water with lemon.


How would you describe your personal style?

PW: My personal style… I love to feel good and sometimes I feel like wearing a very tight dress, but there are days when I’m standing in front of the wardrobe just searching for baggy clothes. I’m more of a girl next door, but I still know something about fashion 🙂


B.O.B: What do you think about fashion in Poland – is it developing and why/why not?

PW: I think it’s getting better and better every year. I remember when I started to model I only worked outside of Poland. Now I see that there are nice brands here and some amazing designers!


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