B.O.B Presents “Ballin’ Broads”: With Zoo Cover Girl & Fitness Vixen Davina Rankin

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Name: Davina Rankin

Age: 23

Profession: Personal Trainer & Model



B.O.B: How did you originally get into modeling as a profession?

Davina Rankin: I started with small competitions and from there managed to win a few and network my way to bigger and better things 😀


B.O.B: You run your own fitness website and a high-end personal training session camp. Can you tell us about these?

Davina Rankin: I’ve always loved being active and working with people so Personal Training for me was the perfect profession. I have my own studio in Hawthorne where I train females only. It’s basically just like seeing my best friends every day, except I’m helping them make a big change in their life. It’s super rewarding!




B.O.B: What’s the most money you’ve spent on clothes?

Davina Rankin: I’m a shocker. I can spend anything from $400 – $800 on an outfit for ONE NIGHT. Then I usually never wear it again and end up selling it for $100 at the markets.


B.O.B: You are a very stunning, fun and attractive lady, what’s the secret for those guys or event girls out there trying to get themselves a lady like your self?

Davina Rankin: Be confident, stylish and genuine. And maybe have a beard. I don’t really like kissing the beard but I do like looking at them. Haha.


B.O.B: Are you into action sports at all?

Davina Rankin: I like to give anything a go, but to be honest, I’m scared of most things. Heights, deep water, speedy things. You would never catch me jumping out of a plane but I will usually give most things a try 😀




B.O.B: How often do you get recognized on the street and what’s a few examples of the crazy things fans have done to get your attention?


Davina Rankin: It’s funny because I don’t think I’m all that special, but I forget that there are thousands of people that follow my life! Last time I was in Bali I was talking to a few people I had just met, yet they could tell me almost everything I had done for the last month! I’ve had a few proposals at appearances but no one has actually delivered a decent ring yet. Haha.




B.O.B: In person you are very down to earth, funny and cute. What do you think of the young generation of girls who act bitchy and stuck up? 

Davina Rankin: Ah man it annoys me, but hey if you work hard and treat people well you will go far in life! Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way.




B.O.B: What kind of boys or girls do you usually go for?

Davina Rankin: I like your typical aussie bloke! Some sort of a tradie who loves to surf and get outdoors, great relationship with his family and knows how to treat me not just like a princess but like his best friend!


B.O.B: What is the coolest experience you’ve had so far because of your profession?

Davina Rankin: My first overseas trip was completely paid for and just so happened to be in VEGAS for the biggest bodybuilding show on the planet. I was there representing SciVation. That was the most amazing experience ever!!




B.O.B: You live in Brizvegas. What’s your fav place to get loose and have fun?

Davina Rankin: I am such a nana so my idea of a good time is going out to dinner some where on Oxford st, having a few too many red wines and enjoying the company. It is so rare to see me clubbing, I couldn’t think of anything worse in Brisbane. You just end up running into the same old people who have been bending it for the last 5 years.


B.O.B: Where would you like to take your modelling career in the future?

Davina Rankin: I would love to get a few more international covers but I am so happy with the way my life has gone so I’m just happy now enjoying the ride.

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B.O.B: If the world was going to end tomorrow and you had an unlimited budget and 24 hours to spend it, what would you do and who would you do it with?


Davina Rankin: I would seriously eat all the food I could. Like bulk Nutella, ice cream, everything! There is no use buying “things” because they would just be gone, at least you can taste food and enjoy it that way! Haha. Does that even make sense!?


B.O.B: If we are at the bar and its our round what are you drinking?
Davina Rankin: Vodka, lime and soda.


B.O.B: What’s your biggest turn on?
Davina Rankin: Confidence but not cockiness


B.O.B: What’s the best way to “Ball On A Budget” IE. Live a rock star lifestyle without lots of money?
Davina Rankin: Well you can never go wrong with a good coupon! You can get almost everything discounted online these days, so live like a rock star through the day then come home, put your glasses on and google your ass off for the next best coupon code. Haha.




B.O.B: Can you fill us in on any future projects/work you have on the horizon that will drop in the not so distant future?
Davina Rankin: WELL my next competition is in October, from there I fly to the US for 2 weeks (Which I cant say too much about yet but stay tuned) and from there I head off to Bali as a guest trainer for International Fitness Holidays. It’s NON STOP!!


B.O.B: Shout Outs?
Davina Rankin: Shout out to my awesome sponsors, Flush Fitness and SciVation. Hi mum and Dad 😉