B.O.B Presents “Ballin’ Broads”: Penthouse Pet And All Round Goddess: Cassie Alves

cassie 6

Name: Cassie Alves
Age: 29
Profession: Glamour model
B.O.B: How did you originally get into modelling as a profession?

Cassie Alves: It was back home. I started doing lots of sports modelling and when I moved
to Australia, lots of my girlfriends were glamour models, so I started doing
some glamour and really liked it.


B.O.B: What’s the most money you’ve spent on clothes?

Cassie Alves: I actually don’t remember the numbers, but handbags and lingerie most likely. I don’t
usually look at the price. If I like, it I buy it.

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B.O.B: What’s the secret for those guys or even girls out there trying to get themselves a lady like you?

Cassie Alves: I like being around someone who’s real, intelligent, fun and down to earth. There’s nothing worse than going on a date with someone that loves themselves and doesn’t have a thing to talk about.
B.O.B: Are you into action sports at all?

Cassie Alves: I did gymnastics for 9 years and I was part of the Olympic Diving Team back
home in Brazil, so I guess I am into action sports.

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B.O.B: How often do you get recognized on the street and what are a few examples of
the crazy things fans have done to get your attention?
Cassie Alves: I am not that famous. Lol. I’ve had a few times when people come up to me and show a pic on their phone and ask if that was me – nothing crazy. When I did Balls of Steel I was in Australia and a guy shouted from the other side of the street, ‘hey that’s the nude girl from Balls of Steel’. It was quite embarrassing.


B.O.B: What do you think of the young generation of girls who act bitchy and stuck up? Do you think they need some good sex and a holiday?

Cassie Alves: I see so many young girls that have nothing more than looks, and that’s what makes them act stuck up. It’s like they cannot hold a conversation or be nice to people. But I think being stuck up is a defense mode for them. I think they need to get over themselves.

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B.O.B: You actually have a degree in engineering – can you tell us about what interested you in doing that?

Cassie Alves: Since school, I have always been the top of my class. Once I finished college, I didn’t
know what to do. I was really good at drawing and really good at maths and my
Dad was an engineer, so I thought that would be a good degree to have.
B.O.B: You were on the cover of Penthouse magazine last year? What was it like to
work with a magazine with such a rich history?
Cassie Alves: It was a great experience. I had done so many shoots with the photographer
before so it was really easy and fun.


B.O.B: Can you give the readership out there some advice on how to pick up a
gorgeous girl like yourself?
Cassie Alves: Just be yourself.


B.O.B: What kind of boys or girls do you usually go for?

Cassie Alves: I like intelligent, polite and funny guys.


B.O.B: What is the coolest experience you’ve had because of your profession?
Cassie Alves: I have had lots of great experiences but I think the one I will always remember is when I had the opportunity to work with my favourite band Guns ‘n’ Roses.


B.O.B: Where would you like to take your modelling in the future?


Cassie Alves: I would like to model for some educational programs like PETA and make people aware of fur trading and animal exploitation. I would love to use my image to make some difference in the world.

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B.O.B: Goals before you pass on to the next life?

Cassie Alves: Live life to the fullness.


B.O.B: If the world was going to end tomorrow and you had an unlimited budget and
24 hours to spend it, what would you do and who would you do it with?
Cassie Alves: I would feed the hungry.


B.O.B: If we are at the bar and it’s our round, what are you drinking?

Cassie Alves: A glass of good French champagne.


B.O.B: What’s your biggest turn on?

Cassie Alves: Confidence.


B.O.B: What’s the best way to “Ball On A Budget” IE. Live a rock star lifestyle
without lots of money?
Cassie Alves: Knowing the right people. Lol.

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B.O.B: Can you fill us in on any future projects/work you have on the horizon that
will drop in the not so distant future?
Cassie Alves: I have just launched a Luxury Cruise Party in Sydney Harbour called 5.
Star Cruises with lots of entertainment and hot girls. Check it out Here: http://www.5starcruises.com.au/
B.O.B: Shout Outs?

Cassie Alves: Thank you to all the Ballin’ on a Budget crew. You guys rock!