10 Female Tattoo Artists We Have A Crush On

Amanda Wachob

Studio: Dare Devil Tattoo

Website: amandawachobtattoo.com 

Amanda Wachob blew up because of her abstract tattoos, which is about as close as you can come to having fine art painted on your body. Her really clean work is eye-catching and unique. You can also come to her for beautifully subtle bloodline tattoos, but you’ll have to wait for it: she’s booked up to five months in advance. 


Megan Massacre

Studio: Wooster Street Social Club

Website: @Megan_Massacre

You can see her in action on TLC’s NY Ink, and Ms. Massacre’s color work is definitely on-point.

Eva Huber

Studio: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Tattoo

Website: tattoosbyeva.com 

Eva specializes in traditional tattoos with a little bit of a signature twist. Perfect if you want a classic piece that’s still unique. We particularly dig her awesome figurative work.

Kim Saigh


Studio: Memoir Tattoo

Website: kimsaigh.com 

Kim Saigh specializes in being awesome. Best known for her stint at LA Ink, some of her best work is her fanstastical illustrations depicting animals. The amount of detail she puts into things like snakes, wings, and even seahorses is crazy. It’s amazing how ornate a lot of her work is.

Kristen Goetz

Studio: Artful Ink Tattoo Studio

 Website: Kristen Goetz on Tumblr 

Kristen’s art ranges from Chinese-inspired cats, zombies, detailed flowers, and even dogs. Her tumblr provides a wealth of awesome work and we can’t wait to see how her career goes. We thought these Wizard of Oz tattoos were especially noteworthy.

Virginia Elwood

Studio: New York Adorned

Website: virginiaelwood.com 

In addition to her great portrait work, Virgina Elwood is also a co-founder of Pedaler Clothing, an apparel line inspired by urban cycling. Wait, so she’s an awesome tattoo artist and totally loves bikes? Definitely wifey material

Amanda Grace Leadman

Studio: No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo

Website: No Ka Oi Portfolio 

Amanda Grace Leadman’s soft color work is nothing short of extraordinary. She also excels at a variety of shading techniques. Her portfolio shows that she is indeed a very versatile artist.

Angelique Houtkamp

Studio: Salon Serpent

Website: Salon Serpent Tumblr 

Angelique Houtkamp’s work is based in traditional tattooing but she mixes it with a variety of offbeat imagery, whether its women with parrot bodies, mythological creatures, and whatever else she can dream up. The results are tattoos that look simple but are really as unique as herself and the client.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D

Studio: High Voltage Tattoo

Website: katvond.net 

The iconic artist and reality TV star brought the pin-up girl back into the mainstream, and we’ve been thanking her for it ever since.

Julie Becker

Studio: Private Studio in LA, wih some guest spots at East Side Ink

Website: juliebeckertattoo.com 

Don’t let her looks fool you, Julie Becker is a badass tattoo artist with some of the cleanest, most diverse work out there. Being able to nail a range of styles from novelty tattoos to full sleeves, traditional, and even tribal tattoos, her art portfolio is just as enjoyable to look at as her modeling one.