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LIFE HACKS: Tips For Being “THE GUY” By B.O.B’s Resident Writer And Model Katarzyna Sprengel

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By Katarzyna Sprengel

Awesomeness doesn’t go along with average. What does that mean?

This means you need to stand out from the crowd of the lame dudes that create a traffic jam and keep blocking you away from the relationship you want!

How to do it? Here are some tips.

the man 1

Tip no 1

Don’t text – call instead! I cannot stress how important this tip is. A woman will find it intriguing if you show that you actually want to talk (like t a l k) to her. Messaging can get a tad tedious and boring. By the way, everyone is texting today. Sometimes it causes misunderstandings – spare yourself this trouble. And don’t forget that it is much harder to reject that offer to get a drink over the phone!

Don’t be afraid to be a bit of an old-school gentleman! It will make your lady 100% fascinated.

Tip no 2

Your exclusive attention is the key to making anyone, and especially women, feel truly special. This is a definite NO to scrolling down your Facebook, checking Instagram likes or opening snapchats while having a conversation with a lady who could possibly conquer your heart. You won’t conquer hers if instead of manifesting love to her, you will appear too preoccupied with your virtual tete-a-tete.

So…Listen! Leave staring at her boobs for later. Please.

Tip no 3

Is she suddenly being unresponsive? No fear! Women, as surprising as it can be, are still human-beings and have the same psychological mechanisms as males – we ALL want to be chased, wanted and admired. And it’s totally okay to take advantage of this.

Now, imagine this scenario: you have sent her a dozen text messages, stalked her Instagram account and even resorted to DM-ing her there (because maybe, MAYBE, she lost her phone…). Alas, the silence that ensued still ensues. Take a deep breath and STOP communicating with her. Like, at all. Wait a couple of days and see what happens. Most likely she will think: “Oh, what happened to this guy? He seemed really interested…Maybe I should shoot Women don’t respond well to male species who constantly remind us they exist. So, just don’t do it.

the man 2

Tip no 4

Be open-minded enough to learn and get feedback! Typically, guys fall into two categories: either they have no opinions (which is ultra-unattractive), or they are obnoxiously over-opinionated. A strong man can acknowledge he is wrong and will let someone prove him wrong. Isn’t that sexy, uncommon and mature as hell?

Let her get a word in and don’t be a condescending asshole.

the man 3

REMEMBER! Hold yourself to a higher standard, be a tad different and know the difference between being nice and too nice.

You deserve awesomeness.

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