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Learn How The Dirt Ignored Motley Crue’s True Story

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In the world of rock biopics that gloss over the more unsavory aspects of their subjects, the supposed honesty of Motley Crue’s The Dirt is refreshing. But even a good movie can’t keep everything in. Here are parts of Motley Crue’s story that The Dirt ignores. Early on in The Dirt, we see Motley Crue gleefully fighting during their first concert. Though it’s played largely for laughs, it establishes the idea that Motley Crue is a band that’ll happily throw some punches, apart from Mick Mars. He remains onstage with his guitar…though he does get a kick in. Later on in the movie, drummer Tommy Lee punches a confrontational girlfriend on a tour bus, and everyone, including Lee, reacts with dazed shock.

These scenes make it appear like The Dirt fearlessly depicts the band members’ most violent instincts. In reality, the movie pulls quite a few punches. It certainly doesn’t show just how comfortable most Motley Crue members were when it came to hurting people. Vince Neil has allegedly assaulted women multiple times.

In fact, actor Nicolas Cage once had to intervene during one of Neil’s alleged altercations. Tommy Lee was sued for assaulting a photographer in 2013. As E Online notes, he was also sentenced to six months in jail for spousal battery in 1998 after a nasty scuffle with Pamela Anderson. Although Nikki Sixx’s destructive tendencies were mostly aimed at himself, Rock Candy magazine reports that he once got himself and his manager arrested by throwing a bottle at a man’s head in a bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo. Watch the video for more about How The Dirt Ignored Motley Crue’s True Story!

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