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Danny McBride’s Crazy Day with Kanye West

Danny talks about leaving Los Angeles and moving to South Carolina, trying to make new friends, trespassing to steal shark teeth, hanging out with Bill Murray, his crazy day with Kanye West, and his new HBO...

Tiger Chases Down Guys on a Motorcycle

This is exactly why we don’t drive my motorcycle through rural India anymore.

The Worst Pickup Artist Ever?

Meme historian, Joel Golby puts himself in the shoes of a guy getting binned off while trying to chat up a girl in a loud nightclub.

The New Supreme Super Soaker Can Be Turned Into a Flame Thrower

We really shouldn’t have to tell you this… but don’t try this at home, kids. This stunt was performed by trained professional (and Supreme collector) Eric Whiteback. After purchasing the Supreme Super Soaker water gun that released...

Big Ol’ Tornado Captured By a Drone

Capturing a tornado as it makes its way through some farm land in Oklahoma is probably the best use for a drone. Nature is truly scary!!

Insane Ping-Pong Trick Shots By Pongmasterske

@PongMastersKE is a master of his craft! View this post on Instagram Comment how...

Interviewing Drunk College Students on the KU Campus

Interviewing drunk college students will never not be funny. In this version of the classic trope, an interviewer heads to KU’s “Triangle” which is basically just an intersection that has three of the cities most popular bars....

Hilarious True Facts About The Lemur

Turns out the Lemur is a walking Swiss Army Knife of grooming. Want to learn more about this cure little dude? Just click play.3

Russell Westbrook Credits Hatred of Super Teams For Staying in OKC on Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls

On the lates episode of Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls series, Russell Westbrook opens up to Kevin on why he’s against super teams in the NBA, revealing it as one of the main reasons why he’s stayed...

A Bad Lip Reading of The 2019 NFL Season

This is honestly better than the entire Super Bowl. Hands down. There is more where that came from:


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Brian Peacock Adidas Shen City Peaks

Set in the streets of Shanghai adidas skateboarding has released their latest video, “Shen...

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Andy eats 35 Wings, Ross gets his car stuck, Garret eats...

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Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante breaks down some of the most famous...

Sam Kuch – B Side – Return to Send’er

We are not sure if calling these "B shots" really does...