B.O.B Talks Life, FMX And Motorcross With Crusty Demon Robbie Marshall


NAME: Robbie Marshall
Profession: Pro motocross/supercross/fmx rider
Sponsors: Northstar Yamaha, Advanti racing, Motorex, Kustom MX, I see water
Age: 29
Home Town: Fernvale, QLD



B.O.B: Can you tell us about your riding background and how you got into FMX?


Robbie Marshall: I grew up on a farm in Brisbane and my brother and Dad rode so I wanted to ride and started young at three. My brother and I thought we were pretty good on the bikes, so we started racing when I was eight in 1992. We got our butts kicked and from that day on I put my head down and worked at becoming a better rider. I got to the stage where I was winning races in my junior classes and was known to be one of the best jumpers around. Then X Games came to Gold Coast in 1998 and I got a call to join in the fun. It was then that it all started. I stuck with it from that day on.


B.O.B: Which riders did you look up to when you were growing up?


Robbie Marshall: Jeremy McGrath



B.O.B:How do you normally go about preparing for a national Moto X or Super Cross race?


Robbie Marshall: Racing involves a lot of training on and off the bike, so you pretty much have to put everything aside and live and breathe riding and training. Always staying healthy and injury free is a big part of making it to the races and being able to compete in the first place.


B.O.B: You’ve done quite well at an international level at both Moto-X, Super Cross and at FMX, how come you haven’t gotten the call up to do Speed and Style at X-Games?


Robbie Marshall: I’m not too sure to tell you the truth. I guess because I’ve never really done much in America and that’s where most of the speed and style riders get chosen from. But I’d love to get an invite and stir some things up in X Games speed and style that’s for sure!



B.O.B: What do you think of the current state of Motorcross and FMX in Australia? It seems that with lawsuits and lots of tracks closing down that the sport is receding in growth. Would you agree with this to a certain extent?
Robbie Marshall: Not only tracks closing down and it getting harder for people to swing their leg over the bike whenever they get a chance, I believe there’s also a problem with the way events are being held. There’s no prize money for the riders and everything is just too expensive—from entries to other costs like fuel and bike expenses. It makes it hard for anyone to spend all their money and to know before they even get on the bike that they don’t even have the chance to make any money back. For sure the sport has always been an expensive one at that, but there used to be a time when you could actually make a decent amount of money—or at least make the majority of what you had spent back from getting a half decent result at a race. I’m currently working on holding a state championship supercross race and have more money up for grabs than what the national supercross championship has to offer. So we’ll see how that turns out. If I can pull it off though. I don’t see why all these bigger promoters can’t offer the same thing!


B.O.B: What do you think can be done to help the sport grow in this country and abroad?


Robbie Marshall: Go back to basics. Get rid of all the people who take the money from the sport and actually want to put back into it. Easier said than done!


B.O.B: What is your personal highlight from your career thus far?


Robbie Marshall: I guess just being looked up to from kids all over the place. And being at the top of the sport for so long in all disciplines.



B.O.B: Are there any plans of you ever trying to professionally race again?


Robbie Marshall: Definitely. I’m working on a deal for next year. I mean I’ve been trying at a privateer level for the past few years but like I said with expenses etc. all being a problem it makes it hard to make it through the whole year. I’ve hopefully got a deal for 2014 where I’ll be able to go racing and not spend every cent I earn. Supporting my family these days is my biggest concern.



B.O.B: What’s your favorite trick atm?


Robbie Marshall: No handed back flips



B.O.B: You’ve spent a lot of years doing demos and tours with the likes of Travis Pastrana and the “Nitro Circus” crew. Can you tell us one of your best “tour” stories?


Robbie Marshall: Crusty demon 09 tour. We all had remote control cars and whilst I was charging the battery for the r/c car off the rental van battery, it caught on fire and burnt the rental van to a complete write off. It cost me $23,000 for that van! That was the only downfall.



B.O.B: Do you have any intentions to compete in X-Fighters and at more traditional based FMX comps?


Robbie Marshall: It really just depends where my future leads me. I just take things as they come. But I don’t doubt if I put my head down and worked on FMX only I could get to the level x fighters and other comps are at.


B.O.B: Where is your favorite spot to ride?
Robbie Marshall: At home. I have everything I need there. FMX motocross and supercross and just fun riding all over the property with some little play jumps and the like.


B.O.B: Do you like freeriding?
Robbie Marshall: Yeah for sure, that’s what I grew up doing on property so I still love it now and can adapt pretty well to doing whatever jumps are there.



B.O.B: In other action sports, video parts play a massive roll in defining how good a rider is. What do you think about stuff like Twitch’s “420” project and will we ever see a full on dope video part starting you?

Robbie Marshall: Probably not a video on me, but definitely always YouTube or Internet shortclips, which I have been starting to do a bit this year. To tell you the truth, I’m not even up to scratch with all the videos at the moment. Iguess having a family and stuff now, I like to chill out a bit and do other things when I’m not riding.


Where do you see FMX going in the next few years?

Robbie Marshall: Who knows, it still blows me away to this day whenever someone comes out with a crazy new trick.



B.O.B: Can you tell us about your homies over at First Hand wear? They seem to run a pretty cool up and coming company?

Robbie Marshall: Yeah I’ve been with those guys for a while now and sammy is cool as. The gloves are so comfy so that’s the main reason why I love being hooked up from those guys.


B.O.B: What other sports/past times are you into besides FMX when you get down time?
Robbie Marshall: Wake boarding, surfing, jet skiing, mountain biking. Anything that’s fun really. I do have to admit I love playing pokies or gambling whenever I can. But that involves having money to do it, so I can’t always enjoy being able to play those games. Haha.


B.O.B: What’s on your iPod play list atm?
Robbie Marshall: Man, probably like so fresh 2004. Haha. Nah I think usually I have the
latest Ministry of Sound music playing no matter where or what I’m doing.


B.O.B: Where do you aspire to take your FMX/Moto X career? Is there anything left that you really want to accomplish as a rider?


Robbie Marshall: I just want to be able to do it for as long as I can and still become competitive at whatever I do.


B.O.B: If we are at the bar and its our shout, what are you drinking?
Robbie Marshall: At the moment I’m in America so Coopers light for sure! At home though I would probably say bourbon and coke.


B.O.B: Favourite athletes out side of FMX?
Robbie Marshall: Hmmmmm. Any Bmx riders, they’ve got so much talent.


B.O.B: Which country has the hottest women?


Robbie Marshall: Australia for sure. That’s where I found my wife. Homegrown blonde hottie. Haha.



B.O.B: Who Is The Most famous person in your phone contacts?


Robbie Marshall: Either Carey hart or some other fag like Bilko or Josh Hansen.


B.O.B: If the world was going to end tomorrow and money wasn’t an issue what would you do, who would you take and where would you go?
Robbie Marshall: I’d do something with my whole family. They mean the most to me and
sometimes I barely get to see them because of riding and travelling all the time. It wouldn’t really matter what we did. I guess with no tomorrow a
hang over wouldn’t be an option so we could all just get wasted and enjoy each others company. Haha. I’d have to say I’d go for one last spin on my dirt bike as well!



B.O.B: Shout Outs?
Robbie Marshall: Big thanks to my wife who puts up with everything from my bad moods to always being a broke ass dirt bike rider. And obviously everyone who has supported me throughout my career, whether it be supplying me with products and equipment or covering costs for me to be able to do what I love.