B.O.B Chats With Freeskiing Icon Henrik Harlaut About The Olympics His Upcoming Event And About Being The Most Creative Freeskier In The Game!

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NAME: Henrik Harlaut AKA: Edollo
AGE: 23
SPONSORS: Monster Energy, Armada skis, Armada Clothing, Oakley, Full Tilt boots, Bern Helmet, Bjorn Borg underwear,
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B.O.B: Can you tell us how you originally got into skiing?


EDOLLO:-My parents brought me to different mountains around Europe when i was young, I learned at a young age to ski and it instantly became really really fun to me and with two older brothers that were sharing the love of skiing as well.


B.O.B: Describe for me in 5 words skiing in Sweden?



Cold/dark dec-march
Warm/light march-may
T-bar park lifts
Lots of talent
Big smiles


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B.O.B: Who would win in a fight between you and your Phil?


-EDOLLO: It would depend on the kind of fight i think but I would rather not fight, and ski/compete with him instead. 2 is better than 1. 🙂


B.O.B: Who were your biggest influences growing up as a skier?


EDOLLO: Tanner Hall, Mickael Deschenaux were the two skiers i really really idolized but i was a HUGE fan of 15 other skier and got very inspired by them as well.
Then i was very influenced by skateboarding and when Technine came out with their movie “one love” i started to take lots of inspirations from snowboarding as well.

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B.O.B: You landed one of the heaviest tricks of all time last year during X-games big air, can you tell us what was going through your head when you decided to take your nose butter double corks to triples?


EDOLLO: I had thought of it for a while and thought that if the moment was right, I was probably gonna try it so when the opportunity appeared and everything was right it was time to bring er out.
I was not that hyped on the whole hype about triples but I thought a nosebutter with it would keep it’s raw feeling to it and so i figured id just do it.

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B.O.B: Did Tanners Infamous speech help your confidence going into that jump?


EDOLLO: For sure, who wouldn’t get hyped up after those words to try something like that during the best jump session of your life. 😀


B.O.B: You film your own web show, you filmed your own movie with Bdog and Tanner 2 years ago and then this year you have another 2 year film in the works. how do you balance competing at such a high level and filming that much?


EDOLLO: I just try to ski as much as i can and have fun as much as i can.
Filming helps me to learn tricks, because for video segments you want to see as many new things as possible and competing you wanna for most part do things that you can do already but do it with 100% execution. Witch means to me you do it your way, your style, your flavour to it.


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B.O.B: In a lot of your videos, we often see you riding with a tight crew. Who are your favourite boys to ski with?


EDOLLO: I love skiing with bunch of different friends but i ski the most with Phil Casabon i’d say. But Swedish, American, Canadian etc friends are all very awesome to ski with.


B.O.B: What’s your highlight moment of your career thus far?


EDOLLO: As one moment is probably the first time i won X=games Big Air, it was a dream of mine for a very long time.. so to have that come true was amazing.


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B.O.B: Who in your opinion is the best all round skier in the game atm?


EDOLLO: I don’t know, soooo many good skiers it impossible for me to say one person  but, Phil, Tanner, Candide, cLogan, pWhite, SammyC and it keeps going on and on.


B.O.B: What other sports are you into other than skiing?


EDOLLO: Skateboarding, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Road biking (although i don’t think of it as a sport, more an activity that allows me to mind elevate)


B.O.B: Can you surf?


EDOLLO: I have never tried so probably not.


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B.O.B: How do you maintain your dreadlocks?


EDOLLO: I just sit and curl them naturally when i get bored kinda and then ive gone to a girl in sweden that helped me out. But i like them not to be “too perfect” either have them be a little naughty and natural looking still. 😀


B.O.B: What’s your all time favorite video part ski/snowboard/skate?

EDOLLO:  Once again really hard to tell since there soooooo many good ones but
Ski Tanner Hall, Happy Dayz.Cr Johnson, Happy Dayz. Mickael Deschenaux, Exact science. Tanner, Session 1242. Pep, Session 1242. Corey Vanular, Shanghai six. Chuck/Warnick NetWork


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B.O.B: Tell us about the B&E Invitational  ?


EDOLLO: A dream come true to have a event together with Phil and with the help and support that we have. Basically just a event to kill the rival compete against each other and instead have a contest where all the riders want the others to land some cool new tricks on skis. And to see guys push creativity to their max so we try to have a course that is opening doors for that to be made. Very inspired by skateboarding with bowls and fun looking tranny’s


B.O.B:  If you had to choose one trick to be able to do every jump till the end of time what would it be?


EDOLLO: Probably switch 720 because it take so little effort once you figure out your edge set for it. And it has a AWESOME feeling to it.


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B.O.B: You have been working on a film project over the past season called “Road To Zion” care to tell us about that?


EDOLLO: So me and Phil decided that since we actually spend the whole first half of the season that we would work on our own to make our own projects.

So i just tried to capture what my feelings were the whole season,everything from Xgames, Olympics, to camping 30 days straight while skiing northern Sweden and give you a little bit of a behind the scenes feeling to it but no enough to overload the skiing. And all with Reggae soundtrack witch was my first time doing. It was probably my favorite year i’ve had yet ,looking back at it and i will forever remember the adventures i shared with my friends.


B.O.B: Plans for the rest of the 2014/15 winter?


EDOLLO: Now first get my collarbone in good shape (crashed at X-Games this year and broke it in 6 pieces) but should be good right in time for the 2nd edition of B&E Invitational then i will go on a mission to try film as much backcountry stuff as possible, film for the 2 year project that me and Phil are making and for a X-games Real Snow segment.

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B.O.B:  Shout Outs?

EDOLLO:All my family, friends, fans, sponsors and everybody else that inspires me to do better in life.
Thank you!


(Editors Note: We kept the spelling and grammar similar to how Henrick speaks english so you could get a better feel for what he is really trying to say.)