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B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”

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B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget



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Age: ???

Profession: ???

Hometown: Oregon


B.O.B: Explain the origin of HOODCREW. How did you all originally meet and come together as a group?


HOODCREW: Oregon. 503. PDX Hood River Mt. Hood. Origin of Hoodcrew is murdering the fuck out of Mt. Hood with a crew of friends – no instagram, no camera equipment. Scrappy and Freed started making videos with some old schwappy cameras and Scott/Maurizio, along with all the other Hood River homies, were constantly making quality edits…



…so it was simple and soon enough, everyone came together joining friends from Chicago, Norf Bend, Ujah, Quebec and Colorado. The ski industry is now filled with nonstop banger content, so we’re making sure to keep it fresh. All this HD quality is getting played out. The future is looking like we should step it down a notch and go back to using dvx tapes.


B.O.B: Funniest Hoodcrew related stories?

HOODCREW: Shit’s always popping off. Sometimes it works out for the best and a negative situation gets turned into a positive one. Sometimes it’s the opposite. Freed was hitting a rail on the University of Utah Suspension Bridge and we watched a car hit a deer and drive away. Multiple cops kept circling the area and a few stopped to talk to us, asking if we knew where the driver went – clearly they hadn’t considered the possibility that this fool drove off as fast as possible to avoid getting caught. One lady cop stopped and talked to us, didn’t mention anything about skiing. Another homie cop stopped by, asked us the same questions and at the very end, informed us that he enjoyed skiing too. We should have gotten kicked out of that spot for our own good but the cops clearly didn’t care. Freed continued sessioning for way too long, landing on grass, which felt like getting in a car crash. The entire summer of 11 was full of constant mayhem. The story is written out in part here…

…the summer started when cops tore through Issac’s birthday party with battering rams to give out 30 drinking tickets…


 …the funny stories go on and on. Running from DUI’s, getting kicked out of the same Breck herban spot twice when Bunsen convinced some ratchet hoe up in the window to flash her tits, eating shit and breaking cameras, Meeks not being satisfied with a sausage fest Govy party and pissing on Lauren Thizzle’s Go Pro, going in for coco with a 40yr old milf showing off her old swimsuit model pics, building features that were destined to fail, scrappy making millions, stacking bangers on mushrooms.

 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget


B.O.B: You guys are a collective of snowboarders and skiers. Where do you look to for inspiration? 


HOODCREW: Travis Pastrana,Travis Rice, Candide Thovex, Mike Wilson, Mik D, Jon MCFrozen, Brogan, Griffin Cummings, Tommy E. A whole bunch a homies.


B.O.B: Will we ever see Hoodcrew movies like the old Wild Cats movies from Vancouver? 


HOODCREW: We’re guessing Wild Cats is similar to PARTYSNAKE so we will definitely be thinking about it.


 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget

B.O.B: Tell us why MT hood and Oregon in general are such amazing places to live and ride? 


HOODCREW: Portland is right in between the beach and Mt. Hood. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes to either go surfing or push snow. If you got a plane it’s much faster. Even if you’re not riding at Timberline all summer, there are still tons of spots to adventure throughout Portland, the gorge, and Hood River. Punch Bowl is fucking gnarly, so if you’re looking to do something more mellow, come camp in Klickitat County Park and float the Klickitat river with hundreds of people all faded in the sun. Check it out here…


B.O.B: Who is the loosest person in all of hood crew?  





B.O.B: Can you tell us about what you guys are doing with newschoolers.com? 


HOODCREW: Feeding the industry with ski porn, spliffs, gorillas, bunnies, snow-bunnies, triple six, eventually just porn in general given that Newschoolers will continue to support us.

 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget

B.O.B: Where do you guys wanna take the Hoodcrew in the future? Do you guys wanna start a clothing company, a movie company or just see what happens? 


HOODCREW: At this point it’s Hoodcrew to the world. Movie company, clothing company, car wash, escort service – we’ll do it all, whether or not we get paid. We’ve already redefined the Go Pro as a professional videography apparatus by taking the cam outside of the stupid plastic box and getting the fisheye all up in ya face. The Go Pro is great for birthdays and lines of preseason powder.

 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget


B.O.B: What’s the best way to “Ball On A Budget” Ie. Live like a rockstar without a lot of money? 


HOODCREW: Buy ten cases of Don P and shut down the parking lot.


B.O.B: We hear that the city of Portland has more stripclubs than anywhere else in the USA. Do you guys go down and tear the peeler bars apart? 


HOODCREW: The Dolphin II on BHH is always classy. There’s definitely a ton of stripclubs we haven’t been to with all the ratchet spots downtown by the waterfront that aren’t too appealing. Seeing as how things play out, we could do a BallinOnABudget travel channel webcast this May, rating the best to worst stripclubs.


 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget

B.O.B: What is the best way/place to hook up with a chick as a ski bum living with a bunch of stinky skiers and snowboarders? 


HOODCREW: Cop a fresh whip from the dealer, throw the top back and fuck a bitch in the backseat. If ya got racks on racks, rent out the penthouse at the Marriott like a moviestar, pop bottles, pop a thizzle, run a train all through the night wearing nothin but raybanz. But when you’re stuck in Govy working salt crew at six in the morning like molebowl meeks, holler at a sexy racer bz from the whip and get ya noggin swaggggin. Poach the Collins Lake hot tub if you’re looking for a proper spot to hook up. All you need is a doobie for the angry motorcycle nerd and you’re golden.


B.O.B: You guys routinely poach snowboard only camps like High Cascade. How do you guys get away with this and have you had to whoop any snowboard coach’s asses as a result of fighting the power? 


HOODCREW: The opposite happened a couple summers ago when Spliff Monkey got arrested trying to steal their banners. This summer we saw a cat approaching after hours at High Cascade, got the shot right as he got out of the cat and we skied off clean. We always poach in the afternoon, if you ride through their lane during the day, they’ll tackle you down, throw your skis into the rocks/break em, and probably beat the shit out of you. One of these days, we’ll get a massive skier train to schmob through the High Cascade lane in the middle of the day. We know that some people in the front line will get taken out but that’s bound to happen in a crusade.



B.O.B: Dream destination for the crew if money wasn’t a problem?



 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget


B.O.B: Favorite mountain on planet earth? 


HOODCREW: Ski Bowl/Snow Bunn



B.O.B: If there was going to be a ‘Hoodcrew Invitational’ what kind of shit would you build and what would the format be? 


HOODCREW: May 2013 at Timberline will be our 1st HOODCREW INVITATIONAL. Timberline spring passes are only $100, so everyone from across the country is coming through. We’ll set up a jungle. Giraffe jibs, 80ft gaps to rails, gypsy park pole jams, road gaps, booters in the parking lot through the canyons, cornice step-downs, death gaps over crevasses. If we can convince Mole Bowl to build some shit with his cat, we would make huge quarter pipes, bring back the x pipe, put in the 4-kink, massive wall-rides and box transfers plus marshmallow taps. Format would be free for all. Drug testing will be strictly enforced. Prizes for stoniest backflip, best line from the top of Zig Zag canyon, fastest Palmer straightline, fastest switch palmer straightline, best trick on each feature, hungriest competitor, most inspired rowdiest fan, most hurt trick of the event, closest person to send it to the moon. Mike Wilson is definitely first on the invite list, along with Jon McMurray, Rory Bushfield, Courtney Cox, Jon Olsson, THALL420, BBZ, LRG rider GUCCI MANE, Max n Tosh Peters, Jordan Spohr, Nick Geopper, 2Pac hologram, Bobby Brown, Chuck Norris, The real Jake

Reilly, Dylan Thompson, Jeff Hopkins, Ian Wade, Mole bowler squuuad, Fat guy from the Gremlinz, Trevor Akimoto, Shaun White, MFM, Neil Patrick Harris, Blazers cheer-leading squad, Keanu Reeves.

 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget

B.O.B: Who in the Crew is on the come up? 



Scrappy Joe Young

The Drunk Intellectual

Tanner Boudreau

Alec Nelson

Forster Meeks

Andy Kunter



Connor Nelson

Black Man On Skis


David Thizzilpops

Jake Reilly

Johnny Niedermeyer

Hudson Knoll

Michael Blatt

Ben Van

Lucas Wachs

Jesse Thrasher

That mothafucker Garrett Rowley once we find his ass in Utah…


 B.O.B Shoots The Shit With One Of Skiing And Snowboarding’s Most Notorious Collective’s “The Hood Crew”, Ballin' on a Budget

B.O.B: Shout outs? 


HOODCREW: Nicholas Geopper, ON3P Skis, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Jenna Shea, Jah Spriggs, Wafflehouse, Mila Kunis, Elliott Preston, GUZ, Jake Reilly’s mom, Council Crest, Chapman, Washington Park, CHUUUUCH CREW, Clackamas County Sheriffs Department, especially Stephen Steinberg, Becky Robinson, BSM, Dylan Hallowell, Vudu crew, Check Clothing, Torrence Hatch aka Boosie Badass, Sean Taylor, Jay Wayne Jenkins, Radric Devonte Davis, Nicholas Martini, Dylan Thompson, 9thWARD skis, FREEZE magazine, Siver Cartel, Jeff Shmuck, The tryflin ass triplets, Steele Spence, Jesse’s girlfriend sochi 2014, Sarah Jane Underwood, Goontown, Dave Tafur aka caked dave, Tyler Lynch, Shannon Bex, Sarah Gall, Terry Kennedy, Matt Turner, Stu Wozniak, Zoe Briggles, The Silk Road, Marvin Watson Jr, Charles Toby Williams, Patrick Houston, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, Andre Romelle Young, Delmar Drew Arnaud, Juaquin Malphurs, Durrell Mohammad, Katie Payne, Stash Poles, The 7-Up guy, Michael Phelps, Cam Giles, Ski Bike Mike, Finn Meeks, Skylar Hart, Bloom Outerwear, Mike King, Kieran McVeigh, Chloe Miranda, Conner Bennett, Tania Funes, Hugh Hefner, Damian Lillard, Jade Bryce, Charlie Sheen, Sean Taylor, Neil Patrick Harris, the real Rick Ross not that fuck ass bitch, tha FEMANE, 50 Tyson, North Bend ratchet squad- (Piper Porter, Becky banning, Sabrina patton, Hillarie Hernandez, Erica Hookland, Cassidy Schneider, Ashley Fehler, Abby Whitaker), Michal Scott, Trailer park boys-(Ricky, Julian, Bubbles), The Kool-Aid guy, Epic Planks, Lamont Coleman RIP, O’Shea Jackson, Kevin Mann, Nicky Hilton, Kevin Hart, The Wayans bros, The cheetos cat, Andrew Nagel, Hannah Mowry, Earl Stevens, Todd Anthony Shaw, Pastey C, Thizz Entertainment, Dromas, Ethan Stone, Timberline Lodge, National Geographic, Drew Smalley, Andre Louis Hicks RIP


Check out the Holiday Season Teaser…


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