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B.O.B RADIO: How To Start A Clothing Empire With No Capital – Willy’s World #2 With Mr. Villin

Have you ever wanted to design your own clothes? Have you ever wanted to start your own...


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We are really stoked to finally announce our newest collaboration.@ballinonabudgetmedia X @710at420au collaboration series 📸 By @thecrazeco

B.O.B: When you arrive in a city how long does it take to check the spots?

1UP : It always depends on what you want to check and where you are. In some
places we arrive and we paint straight away, in Mexico City for example
we took a week scoping different metro spots before we tried one!

B.O.B: How many people are in your crew?

1UP- Just about enough for now! We are a group of friends. We could count
but we haven‘t in a while!

B.O.B: What do you think about street art?

1UP- I have some street artists as friends but…no…just joking. I don‘t
want to generalise.

B.O.B: How was the crew started and born?

1UP- We were a couple friends growing up in Kreuzberg a neighbourhood in
Berlin with lots of graffiti. When we founded 1UP in 2003 some of us
already have painted before but most of were new in the game. Because
there was so much graffiti around us we thought that to be recognised we
would have to work together as a collective. One united power was born!
We didn’t write singular names but only pushed the crew. Thus we were
able to do big bombings at hectic spots and just get up a lot in a short
time. Some of us were in their last year of school, some had just
finished school. But all that mattered during that time was graffiti!

B.O.B: Do some of your members also use personal tags?

1UP- The idea of the crew was not to use personal tags but over the time
some writers joined the crew that also push personal names and who
didn’t stop doing that. It‘s a process of negotiation how the crew deals
with it.

B.O.B: What do you think about new technologies for graffiti writers?

1UP- It‘s always good to explore new territories…new possibilities. If we
incorporate it into our habits we can check afterwards.

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B.O.B: Do you guys like to always have political or social commentary in your

– We like to comment social and political incidents but not all our
pieces or works directly comment on something!

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