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Willy "Biggs" Stolk

I'm a Freeskier, Producer, Writer, Magazine Editor, TV Host, Hustler, O.G., Baller on a Budget, Aspiring Porn Star,Global Nomad, B.O.B CEO, Slayer of goddess's. I was born in the 80s. I live where ever there’s deep pow, dank green, hot women, cheep booze,good surf and good food.

You can call me Big Willy, Aussiepimp, Uncle Will, Dirty Ozzy, Willy Biggs. I love Skiing, Skating, Surfing Sky-diving, Riding Dirt Bikes, Reading, Writing, Travel, Smoking Green Shit. I'm an Agent of Chaos…and few can my handle my mischief. I'll be the last one standing at the bar.

“You can live your life like a lamb, or you can live your life like a lion”
-Jean Marc Bovin, Extreme Skier Chamonix France

Hugo Hartubise

I'm THE BOSS. I was born in the 80s. I'm from Montreal. You can call me Guy Lafleur, Hugo BOSS. I love pow, tits and rock'n roll. Pinochio is a fucking lier! People know me for FS 10's, Epic rail skills, Crazy tangents, Booze filled chaos

"It's Better to regret something you did rather than something you didn't do."

Lloyd Mears

The Ganjaprenuer. Born in 1991. I'm from Sydney City. Call me NICK. I love Bowls, Bars, Beats & Bikes. I have a third nipple. I do not like lamp…..or contractions of any kind. The queen is a lizard.

"yew rack disciprennn”
– Juvenile Delinquent / Aerosol ‘Artist’

Dillon Bensted

A Freelance Film Maker, Globe Trotter. Born in 1994. I'm from Gold Coast, Australia. Call me Dill, Dildo, Benny. I love Snow, Surf, Skate, Photography, Music. I'm known for Getting it done, Making it work.

“131 proof bud straight up, I’m fucking wasted” Lahey

Philly 'Wonka' Cairns

I'm a Skate Shop worker, Whatever gets money and DJ. Born in 1991. I'm from Barnstaple, Devon... UK UK!!!. Call me Philly , Philly C , Wonka , Filleeeeep , Fass , Dickhead. I love Snowboarding , DJing , the Internet and falling asleep in places i shouldn't. Penguins can swim through ice. I'm known for Being a mop headed prick.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
-Albert Einstein

"The sea is actually bigger than the world''
-Dj Beatz, Kurupt Fm.

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